Compact, operates autonomously and wirelessly.

This sensor transmits an alarm notification via a call and SMS to the owner’s telephone.

Can be utilized in conjunction with control and indicating equipment as a GSM module to execute telephone notification in the capacity of a "Panic Button" that signals a deteriorating change in the well-being of an elderly person.
Also contains an input terminal block and permits running an external hard wire connection to the relay switch output thru a break-off tab housing opening.

Additionally, the device is simple and easy to set up and use.   

GSM Relay Sensor

    • Monitors Relay ON/OFF Position (ON or OFF configured in the settings) 


    • Ready to operate as soon as battery power is detected


    • Operates on a single battery for up to 1 year

    • Alarm notifications via call & text message

    • Automatically identifies remaining balance inquiry number

    • Miniature in size, minimal footprint

    • Set-up using mobile Apps (Android, iOS).