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Professional Services

2 years guaranty for CCTV and Alarm System Installations if yearly service is been done by our team.

Alarm Systems


Protect your home or business like a top secret unit. Don't let anything uncensored, cover all the areas with focus sensors so you know what is moving in your space all the time.



Monitor every move on your premises and protect your loved ones by installing the latest technology of cctv available.
Never feel unsafe or unprotected in your home or business. 
We offer analogue or webcams, indoor or outdoor. Also we use hidden and thermal cameras. Special digital cameras are also available that follow human movements.



We offers a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service for all types of fire detection.
The vast majority of buildings need a fire alarm to ensure the protection of life and property. They are the safest and most reliable way of informing all employees and staff of a fire situation.



Be sure before you open the door. Whether you want to broadcast messages or audio throughout your home, or you need to answer a call from your video doorbell See and talk with your visitors from the inside of your home before opening the door.


How to find Hidden camera planted by you

If you have a feeling that somebody set a bug or a hidden camera to record you.

We offers Bug Inspection in your car, home or property.



Access control systems offer a way to protect your building and stock, as well as team members and their belongings. Using access control systems means only people that you have authorised access can enter your building and areas of the premises.

This means you can know who is coming and going, as well as when and where they are going, at all times.
Plus, access control systems act as a deterrent for would-be intruders. It’s a visible security measure that essentially means if it’s not possible to enter a property, then it’s also not possible to steal or damage it either.

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